Please read the following terms and conditions that form part of your agreement with The Food and Wine Festival. Payment of the fee to exhibit acknowledges that exhibitors agree to these terms.

1. The Exhibitor has agreed to attend the “Food and Wine Festival, Central Coast” and to display relevant merchandise in the designated site during operating times specified by the organiser. If this requirement is not met, the organisers have the right to refuse application from such exhibitors at future festivals.

2. All exhibitors on display within the exhibition must remain on site for the full duration as specified by the organiser (or by prior agreement). The vendor has agreed to maintain material within the allocated stand area in accordance with safety regulations.

3. Stands must not be dismantled before the conclusion of the event. Failure to do this will result in your business being excluded from future expos.

4. Except as stated herein, the organisers make no representations, conditions or warranties in relation to the exhibition. Under no circumstance shall the organisers be liable in contract for any indirect, special or consequential damages caused by or arising out of the exhibition or cancellation of the exhibition, and the exhibitor shall indemnify and keep indemnified the organisers against all costs, damages, claims or proceedings whatsoever in respect thereof.

5. If due to unforeseen weather conditions and the event is cancelled due to poor weather  then a refund of the vendor fee will not be payable.

6. Vendors are subject to sell and promote one business name per stand only.

7. The organisers shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever for damages to exhibit by loss, damage, fire, water, storms, strikes, riots or any other cause whatsoever.

8. The vendor shall pay the sum specified by the organisers to occupy the site during the term of the event. It is essential the balance be paid in full the organisers prior to the exhibition or attendance will not be permitted.

9. In the event that the organisers have to cancel. The organisers reserve the right to postpone or amend the stated dates of this exhibition (the organisers will give no less than 14 days’ notice of any such postponement).

10. In the event that the vendor has to cancel then the $100 deposit is forfeited.

11. If a cancellation is within 14 business days prior to the expo date then the full vendor’s fee will not be refunded.

12. The organisers reserve the right in unforeseen circumstances to re-allocate the space or the location of an exhibitor’s stand and the exhibitor can take no objection or make any claims for compensation or damages in relation to any allocation of the size or the space re-allocated by the organisers. The exhibitor shall not assign or subject any part of the stand space without the consent of the organisers.